28″ Bronze Gong Number 8

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  • New type
  • Speckled dark surface with distinct bracing rings
  • Dominant, dark and mysterious fundamental tone across entire surface
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Bronze Gongs ™

Paiste spent around a decade developing Bronze Gongs. The first 7 Bronze Gongs introduced are the result of a journey of discovery through the sonic world Bronze presented for the creation of Gongs. Along the way, we developed entirely new types, adapted familiar types from the traditional Paiste Gong Program, or used those as a starting point for further development. A variety of shapes and structures emerge through the use of known and novel designs: rim and surface configurations, various hammering structures, visual design through firing, shaving and polishing – the full range was explored and implemented.

Bronze Gongs are made from CuSn8, 92% copper and 8% tin. Due to the high copper content the Bronze Gong range of colors resides in a warm-red domain, with a spectrum from golden shimmer to dark brown earth tones. In comparison to Nickel Silver, equally sized Gongs made from Bronze tend to present a lower fundamental note, a warmer character and a more voluminous sound.

Bronze Gongs provide an abundant spectrum of frequencies and harmonics. The predominant character is lively, warm and deep. New dimensions of functional and tonal richness reveal themselves through the use of mallets of various sizes, and especially with nuanced and delicate playing. Bronze Gongs are individual, versatile, spirited, and frequently surprising due to the unbridled character of the Bronze alloy.

Due to this inherent property of the alloy, the sound of Bronze Gongs changes over time through tension release, aging, and the influence of gong play, notably more so than with Nickel Silver Gongs. This variability is known from the years of development. While the basic character always faithfully remains, Bronze Gongs clearly live and change. Time and again, even for us renewed encounters with older gongs present a new discovery. It is our premise that Bronze Gongs will continue to evolve after delivery and through the influence of the player. As a result, through continuous action and reaction and the resulting constant gentle transformation, a unique reciprocal influence between the gong and the player occurs.

Consequently, we produce and release Bronze Gongs with a broader tolerance than is customary with Nickel Silver Gongs. We also allow a generous range in visual appearance, since sound and function are always the primary goals.

We deliberately have not (yet) given Bronze Gongs designations in terms of name, function or character, nor are we offering recommendations for particular use. We are confident that these will develop and reveal themselves through application and experience within the global gong community.

Important Remarks regarding Care and Use

Bronze alloy is very sensitive and reactive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and any foreign substances, especially fingerprint residue. For aesthetically minded users we highly recommend frequent cleaning – with as soft a cloth as possible – especially immediately after use. In the alternative, one can allow the Bronze Gongs age and use induced gradual patination.

With all Bronze Gongs we recommend the use of mallets of varying sizes. Aside from the overall character of the specific Bronze Gongs, which can well be produced with a normal size mallet, smaller mallets and delicate playing in the various zones of the gongs allow the discovery of an unexpected and rich diversity of sounds.


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