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Brij Allen Mahajan & Adriana Mahajan, December 2020

We work with Instruments that are ideal for Meditation, Yoga and Self Care.


As we increase levels of Physical and Emotional Stress in our lives, releasing this stress is becoming more important. Science has fount that working with Sound is an excellent way to rid your system of stress.

PAISTE is the pioneer to bring Gong production to Europe in the early 1900’s. These GONGS were made with a new system of manufacturing, not existing on the planet at that point. Further innovations were introduced with the use of Technology for precision tuning. This system brings to us a variety of Gongs, ideal for Sound Healing, Performances and Self Care.

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Gong Meditation

A system developed to allow participants to enter into states of Deep Meditation, without practice or prior experience. This process helps our body, mind and spirit to Heal, Resolve and Rejuvenate.

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